Saturday, April 24, 2010


My daughter, Hannah, was recently in a school musical called, "Bugz."  Hannah was chosen to be a ladybug, which was good for me because out of all the costume choices, this one seemed pretty straightforward.  The music teacher said to come up with something polka dotted, even if it was gluing dots to a red shirt.  After some thought, I decided to sew a simple pillowcase dress out of some black dot fabric by Michael Miller.  I was pleased with the results, and it ended up being something that she can wear throughout the summer, rather than a "costume" that we would just throw away.

My friend's little girl, Kayla, was also in the musical.  She was a butterfly.  Kayla's mom and I went searching for some cute butterfly fabric, and I made her a pillowcase dress too. 

I think the girls made cute little bugs, if I do say so myself!

Of course, there's always a little brother that doesn't want to be left out.  He says when he goes to school, he hopes they make him a "stinkbug."  Lovely...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dolls for My Girls...

I've been able to say, "My Boys," and now it's fun to say, "My Girls."  I am so happy to have two of each, although Aidan likes to tease Hannah and say, "You've only got one sister, and I've got two!"  Friendly competition never hurts.  :) 

I decided to make little dolls for "my girls."  I made them using the Doodle Girl pattern from  They were fun to make, and Hannah loved hers.  I made one for Isabella first, but when Hannah saw it she asked me if the doll pattern was just for babies, or could she have one too.  Of course, I made Hannah one the very next day!

Here is a close-up of Hannah's doll.  She named her "Cherry."

Hannah has been taking good care of Cherry.  Here's where I found her this morning...

Hannah decided that she would help Isabella name her doll (since she can't do it yet!).  She named her "Lucy."  You can't tell it from this picture, but Lucy already has a brown smudge on her bow from 2 year old brother Jack.  He ran straight to the dolls with melted Easter chocolate all over his fingers!  I did the best I could cleaning up the dolls, but I think Lucy will continue to have a little Easter sweetness on her bow.

This is about all Isabella does with "Lucy" right now... 

My Girls...


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