Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Keep Your Fingers Cool and Your Coffee Hot!

How many times has the guy (or gal) at Starbucks handed you a cup of coffee, apologized to you for running out of cardboard coffee sleeves, and then stood there staring at you while you howled in pain and tried frantically to pull your shirt sleeve down to hold your cup?! ...or does stuff like that just happen to me?  Now, I will be ready!  I made a bunch of these today (My husband wants one too!), and I listed a few on Etsy.  I do think these would make nice stocking stuffers for spouses or for teenagers.  In my day, teenagers did not like coffee, but now I think it must be a "cool" thing.  None of us could have ever afforded coffee shop coffee anyway.  Babysitters must get paid more these days!

I like this coffee sleeve more than the ones with buttons just out of personal preference.  For one thing, I am a klutz.  I will scald myself for sure if I have to hold hot coffee while trying to fiddle with buttons on a coffee sleeve.  This one slides on just like the cardboard sleeves.  It fits the 16 and 20 ounce cups.  You just slide it on and then up until it is on the cup snugly, and you are good to go. 

Here is the other fabric I have that I am itching to turn into cute little coffee sleeves!

...And lets not forget the hot tea drinkers!!!


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