Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm Baaaack!

 A total kitchen rennovation...

combined with four excited kids (ok, maybe three excited and one tired) at Christmastime...

has not left much time for blogging!!!  Christmas is now behind us, and the kitchen is done!  I look forward to creating new projects and sharing them with you!  I did have trouble signing into Blogger...anyone else having issues?  I was only able to sign in by leaving a comment on another blog and then redirecting back to my own blog.  I cannot sign in directly.  Oh well, I guess that will leave more time for sewing! 

All of the therapy/ spa bags sold out in my Etsy shop, so I am working on more.  They are heavenly!  They truly do stay hot for a long time.  My mother-in-law used hers to warm up her bed.  She says that she has no need to look for a husband now...LOL!   


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