Tuesday, January 26, 2010

...Because Babies Are Messy!

I made a bunch of burp cloths, and then washed them and put them away before taking any pictures.  I drug them back out, but they could have used a little ironing before taking a picture of them!  Anyway, I know from past experience that a mom can never have too many of these things!  The yellow one is actually cuter in person.  It has a Little Bo Peep pattern on it.

This one is my favorite!  I love the old fashioned look of this embroidery pattern.  I thought about adding ribbon at the bottom of this, but I think I like it left plain.  I will making more of these with the vintage baby animals pattern from http://www.swakembroidery.com/

Of all the kinds of burp cloths you can create, this type is my absolute favorite.  They are soft, absorbant, and easy to make.  I've used them for any kind of mess the baby can create.  My babies have liked to just hang onto these too...They really are soft with the flannel on one side and the terry cloth on the other.

...two more

...a close-up

I am sure I'll be making more...  :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

...Something to Protect the Wee One!

How many times have you covered your little baby's carrier only to have it blow off into the street?  I've had that happen quite a few times with my other babies, and it was usually when there was rain to go with it.  So, baby would get wet, and the blanket would get nice and soggy in the street.  What is the solution?... a carseat tent!  This not only protects the baby from the elements, but also from germs in the doctor's waiting room, stores, etc.  If baby is asleep, then it is nice and cozy under the little tent.  The tent/ blanket is secured to the carrier with two fabric straps, and it is easily removed for washing.

As you can see, the baby stays completely protected.  I loved the fabric because it coordinates with the carseat very well.  It's hard to tell from the pictures, but there are little pink and lime green owls on the fabric.

Here is the underside of the tent and a picture of what the carseat looks like.  The fabric is from Joann's, and the carseat came from Target.  I can't wait to actually put the baby in it!!!

I have been sewing up a storm, trying to get everything ready.  I'll share some other things in my next post!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Not Much Time Left...

I have a new baby girl due in February, and I have been trying like crazy to get ready for her by making some of the things that she will need.  I had to get the Christmas sewing done first, but now that Christmas is behind us, I have been able to focus on Isabella's arrival!

Here are some of the projects that I have completed so far...

This is a nursing cover-up, so actually it's for me.  :)  Isabella will have to eat, but I like to have privacy!  The neckline has boning so that I can see her if I need to, and she can have ventilation.

A Moses basket...  These are so nice to carry from room to room.  That way, there is always a soft place to lay the baby.  I used the basket for Aidan, but it was covered in blue material.  After two little boys, I was ready for some pink!  I used a very soft minky dot material for the pad and flannel for the bumper.  When I showed it to Seth, our little Jack tried to climb right on in (although he turned the whole thing over!), so it must look inviting.

A soft flannel blanket...

I plan to monogram this blanket with Isabella's initials.  It looks very "girly" to me!

I still have so much more that I want to make...burp cloths, a diaper bag, clothes, headbands, baby shoes, etc!  The list could go on and on...

Hubby is Crafty Too!

My husband, Seth, can take a block of acrylic (or wood) and turn it into this... 

He has made some beautiful pens, and we've seen similar sold for $$$. 
We hear the "whirrrrrrring" in the basement through our vents in the house.  The kids holler down at their daddy through the vents.  Hannah drew a picture for him and asked me if she could toss it to him through the vent.  I had to explain that the vents did not work as as mail slots.  Kids are so funny!

Snuggie Anyone?

Ok, this just makes me laugh!  Here are "Nana" and "Pappy" in their Christmas Snuggies that I monogrammed for them with their grandparent names on them.  All of the grandparents got them, and my husband got one for his birthday in November.  As much as we all made fun of the commercial, all of the recipients have told me how much they have actually enjoyed their personalized Snuggies...especially in the freezing temperatures we've had lately.


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