Tuesday, January 26, 2010

...Because Babies Are Messy!

I made a bunch of burp cloths, and then washed them and put them away before taking any pictures.  I drug them back out, but they could have used a little ironing before taking a picture of them!  Anyway, I know from past experience that a mom can never have too many of these things!  The yellow one is actually cuter in person.  It has a Little Bo Peep pattern on it.

This one is my favorite!  I love the old fashioned look of this embroidery pattern.  I thought about adding ribbon at the bottom of this, but I think I like it left plain.  I will making more of these with the vintage baby animals pattern from http://www.swakembroidery.com/

Of all the kinds of burp cloths you can create, this type is my absolute favorite.  They are soft, absorbant, and easy to make.  I've used them for any kind of mess the baby can create.  My babies have liked to just hang onto these too...They really are soft with the flannel on one side and the terry cloth on the other.

...two more

...a close-up

I am sure I'll be making more...  :)


  1. All of these are just adorable! Isabella's very lucky to have such a sweet and talented mommy!!

  2. How sweet! Thanks for entering the contest.


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