Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fun Stuff for Baby!

I've been wanting  to make some little toys for Isabella (not that she'll need them right away), and I finally got around to making quite a few things in a day.  I had some leftover owl fabric from the car seat tent that I made, and thought that it would be cute to make a stuffed owl out of it.  This is actually an embroidery machine pattern from 

Next, I made this funny little doll (at least with my hand embroidery abilities she is) from the Bit of Whimsy patterns.  She is the "Butterbean" pattern.  She is perfect for a first doll...very soft and cuddly with a few strands of yarn hair for little fingers to grasp.  She is all packed and ready to go to the hospital with me when I go to deliver Isabella. 

I love these little "Tag" toys.  We all know that babies play with the tags more than the actually toys, so here is the solution.  The front is very soft...lots of texture from the minky dot material and the different tag ribbons.

...more owl fabric on the back (I think I've just about used it up!)...

This doesn't really fit in with the "toys," but I thought I'd share it anyway.  My friend gave me this diaper bag, and I love it!  I may monogram the front flap, but until then, I made this bag tag from Five Star  You can't really tell from the picture, but there is a quilting pattern built into the embroidery design.  It was quick and easy!  The material I used is a pink polka dot, but for some reason, you just can't see it in this picture.

All I need now is the baby!!!!!!!!

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  1. I loved looking at everything. I think the owl is adorable. The taggie is so pretty I love the material you chose. I especailly like that diaper bag LOL!! The bag tag is so pretty I've never seen anyone use one of those and it's just adorable. Can't wait to see Isabella using all of these pretty things! Your a very sweet mommy to make them for her!! I have no idea how you find the time to make all of these pretty things!!


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