Monday, September 13, 2010

We're Gonna Rock Around the Clock Tonight...

I'll have to say, while making this custom towel for a little girl that "likes purple and puppies" I felt like grabbing a coke float and dance around the floor.  Doesn't this towel remind you of a poodle skirt?  I was unable to find a girly looking ribbon with puppies on it, so this idea came to mind instead...

I appliqued the dog and sewed on the ric rac leash to the back of the towel.  There is still a little stabilizer on the towel. I've got to clean up this little pooch before I ship her off to her new home!

All of my kids have these, and their ages range from six months to eight years old.  They love them, and I love how I can wrap my youngest two up and carry them to their rooms without ending up looking like I am the one that had the bath!


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