Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July "Sister Outfits"

Sewing is still my favorite hobby.  I may not always get the peaceful, quiet time needed to indulge in some creativity...but when I do, it is so rewarding!  It's been a looooong time since I have made anything for my preschooler to wear, and I have never made any clothes for my baby girl (hangs head in shame).  My boys would rather me sew toys, like stuffed animals, and my oldest girl has her definite preferences...although I think she would definitely appreciate it more now.  So, summer is here, the homeschool room has been organized for the upcoming school year, and Momma found some sacred spare time (ok...maybe I forgot to cook dinner).  It was definitely time to find my creativity...

Show and Tell #1:  I started by making a different version of the typical pillowcase dress.  This one is the "Sew Flouncy" tiered pillowcase dress.  I don't enjoy gathering, but I do like the look.

I love the twirl power of this dress, and my daughter liked it too.  There was a little moment where she told me that she loved the dress, but she didn't want anybody to see it.  I don't attempt to understand the mind of a spirited, four year old girl.  However, I was thankful when she happily put the dress on and actually seemed to enjoy wearing it.  Whew...

Show and Tell #2:  Next up is an adorable baby romper that I made for my youngest.  Sophie is at that wonderful age where I can put anything on her and she is happy.  I need to take advantage of this time because, judging form my other girls, it won't last!

This little romper pattern did not include the bow embellishment, but it definitely adds a touch of girliness,which we love around here!  I made the 6-12 month size for my baby, which she wears, but it will need to be adjusted for next time because I found it a bit short in the stride.  You can find the pattern here.  I also used larger leg holes... My girl has chunky thighs, and I can't stand for elastic to leave red marks on her.  I overestimated, however, and she ended up with looser legs that looked more like capris.  It turned out very cute and comfy on her though!

Happy Independence Day!!!

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