Monday, August 23, 2010

Crash Boom Bang!!!

After a looooooong six days, I finally have internet again!!!  We had a terrible thunderstorm, and my husband and I both sat straight up in bed after it sounded like someone shot a shotgun in our bedroom.  The whole room lit up, and Seth said that he felt like he had just had an x-ray...hee hee!  At least one of us had a good night's sleep!  Why is it that when I tiptoe through the room, she wakes up over a creak in the floor, but thunder loud enough to shake the house didn't disturb her one bit?! 

Before the lightning knocked us in to "Little House on the Prairie," I opened my Etsy store!  So, Sew Bananas Boutique is ready for business.  I don't have much listed yet (funny, four kids and no t.v. doesn't leave much playtime for mommy), but it is a start.  I have a car seat tent listed for a baby girl, and I listed the European Market Totes that some of you inquired about.  I am working on bibs right now (all different styles) and I will sew up some more car seat tents after that.  I also bought some fabric for making 18" doll ballerina costumes and clothes (perfect for upcoming Christmas presents!).  I'm trying to whip up a few hair bows as well (Hannah keeps claiming them all for herself...little heifer!).  Check out my store if you get a chance (Etsy button is the little monkey on the top left corner of my blog).  For those of you that sell on Etsy, I am always looking for helpful bits of feedback. 

I'm so glad to be back!!!

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  1. Glad you're all ok. We had a lightning strike hit our tree in our backyard. It was crazy and I'd never heard anything soooo loud. Isn't it insane? Glad you are all safe and sound. Let me know if the cheesy peasy mac and cheese works for you...

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner


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