Saturday, August 7, 2010

Little Prince???

OK...How bad is this?!  My sweet little princess is wearing her brother's bib that says, "Little Prince."  She has a mom that sews, so what is up?  I felt bad every time that I rummaged through the drawer and had to pick through all the boy bibs.  It was time...

I grabbed a good sized bib and traced around it to make a pattern.  I used some soft, absorbent chenille for the backing and away I went...

"Oh Mommy!  For Me?!"

"Wow!  It even has my initial on it!"

"OK...Let's test it out."

"Amazing!  Not a drop on me!"

"Thanks Mommy!"

I've got many more cut out and ready to go.  I think Isabella has forgiven me for insulting her with the "Prince" bib.  No more boy bibs for her!  We even have a new one for lunchtime!


  1. I'm not sure what's cuter the bibb you made or Isabella's expressions!! Love the bibbs and she's adorable!! I was laughing at the comments with her little facial expressions!! So sweet!! I know your having fun sewing for that pretty baby girl!! Great job!!

  2. She's precious! I especially love the big pink bow!

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  4. Thanks for linking up at MFM today! I am now following you. Hope you have a great week! & (I have a fb giveaway going on right now!)

  5. Cute, cute bibs....and your daughter is just adorable!!

  6. too cute!!
    Check out today's blogpost, I have an award for you :)


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