Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pink Poodle Birthday for Two, Please!!!

My two daughters have birthdays within four days of each other.  Isabella turned one (sniff, sniff!) and Hannah turned 9 (last year of single digits...another sniff, sniff!).  We celebrated each girl's special day on their actual birthdays, but we had one big party for the both of them.  Isabella didn't understand what all the fuss was about, but Hannah said she enjoyed sharing a party with her only baby sister.  We had a lot of pink...including the cupcakes!

My littlest princess was sound asleep when the party guests began to arrive, so I put her in her tutu while she was still half asleep.  She seemed to think that Mommy had lost her mind, but she was nice about it...  She even let my grandmother stand her up, still half asleep, so that I could get a picture of her.  I did add ribbon to the tutu.  If you read my post on this tutu, you will remember that I was still wondering what to do with it.  It was very easy to make (You can find a link for it on my post on the tutu.).

Here is a close up of the birthday shirt I made her...

One year olds that are about to devour their first cake will most definitely need a bib, so I made this for her just in time... (actually about an hour before the party!). 

"Hmmmmm...looks pretty good, and they don't seem to remember that they put this cake in front of me!"

"You mean you still are going to let me have this cake???  Cool!!!"

Since I made cupcakes for the guests and a cake for Isabella, I decided that I would make a special cake for my oldest birthday princess.  She told me that she loved it so much better than the Publix cakes we usually get because her mom made it for her with love.  Love my girl!!!  If you are wondering why she has enough make up on to star in a Vegas show, it is because she is on the dance team, and they had a costume practice that morning.  I was so worried she would catch her false eyelashes on fire!!!

A new dance bag from a sweet friend!

I made a special birthday shirt for Hannah too.  Last year, I didn't get to make her one because I was in the hospital giving birth to Isabella!

I love this picture!  My sweet boy, Aidan, was so proud to give his sister the card he made her and the candy bar that he got her!  He sat there patiently waiting for his turn to give her the present.

Daddy sharing a hug with his little birthday girl...

As much as I loved celebrating this special day with my two favorite girls, I am glad that the birthdays are behind us for awhile!  They are tiring!  :)


  1. Awwww! So cute! I love their shirts! :)


  2. What a fun birthday party! Your tutu and outfits for the girls came out great!


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