Friday, February 11, 2011

A Tutu Swiffer

I cannot believe my baby girl will be a whole year old next week!!!  To celebrate her big day, I have been working on a special outfit for her to wear at her party.  Every little girl needs a tutu, so that is what I've made first.  I found a super easy (and free) tutorial here.  I could have made it much faster, but Isabella was helping me in my sewing room.

She was infatuated with the ironing board string.  Don't worry!  Nothing was on the ironing board!

I've never tasted an ironing board string myself, but apparently it tastes pretty good.

Once the tutu was finished, I tried it on her to make sure it fit.  She was scared of it at first, so I threw some ribbon on the floor to distract her...It worked!

After Isabella felt a little more comfortable with the tutu, she tried it out.

Word of caution... Do not let your baby crawl around your sewing room floor in her new tutu.  I found another use for the tutu... A SWIFFER!  There was so much fuzz, strings, and other sewing scrap gunk on her pretty new tutu...! 

I did put it in the washer on the "hand washables" setting, and it washed up just fine.  I then ran it through the "air dry" setting on my dryer, which I do not recommend unless you want it to look like a ballerina that survived "Twister."  I fluffed it up with my fingers and then set it under a heavy box...which I then fluffed again.  Good as new!

It is nice and fluffy now!  I plan to either add hanging ribbons or a bow to it before the big day.  I'll also be embroidering something special on a onesie.  I'll share the whole finished project once it's complete!

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