Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Girl Has to Have Something Special to Wear...

Last Sunday, Hannah informed me that she had nothing special to wear that would match her red "Sparks" vest for the Awana awards at our church. Hannah has a closet full of clothes, so I decided to take a look. Well, she was right! Everything was either mostly pink, or another soft pastel (her favorite colors). So, what is a mommy to do??? Make a new outfit of course! However, I only had a couple of hours, so it had to be pretty easy and quick. I decided to use a new tutorial pattern that I downloaded from "Oliver + S" called "The Lazy Day Skirt." It uses a ribbon trim for the hem and is simple but cute! It can be made in any length.

I wanted to dress it up a little, so I added the strawberry vine embroidery that I got from my favorite embroidery website, This added some more of the red that we needed, and "cutesied" it up for Hannah.

....a couple of berries appliqued to a t-shirt, and Voila! Hannah has something new, cute, and red to wear with her vest! Notice that I had to add just a touch of pink! She was very happy, and she looked very cute when she walked across the stage to receive her medal! ...a proud mama moment!

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  1. enjoy sewing for your kids while they will still wear what you make. I can relate to Hannah's need for an outfit to match her vest - these days I buy outfits to match my hair color hahaha


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