Sunday, May 3, 2009

Little Boy Blue

I love this romper pattern!!! I have made so many already, and when it was cold, I made the long pant version. They are so cute for church. I made this for Jack to wear in his pictures, but I can't ever get him to stop bruising his head so that I can take him to have them done!!! He fell off the couch the other night and hit the coffee table. OUCH! Thankfully, we are still using an old table (donated from my parents when Seth and I first got married), and it does not have sharp corners. It is made from bamboo, so it is not as hard on the head as it could be. I think that is why we are still using it. Every child I have seems to want to test it out on their head! Anyway, since I am still waiting on Jack's head to be "bruise-free," I thought he might as well go ahead and wear his new outfit to church.

It is almost impossible to take a good picture of a toddler! I was singing at this point, so Jack started dancing! At least he is happy... You will notice Aidan in the background wanting to be in the picure! I was trying to get Jack to look out the window (at nothing), so Aidan was saying, "I want to see!"

At this point, my sweet little boy was feeling left out. He started saying, "Hey, Mama...I'm four years old!" I couldn't resist a picture of that...Scooby Doo tattoo and all!

Then my oldest was even willing to show a little love toward her brother for a picture! Sibling Rivalry!!! Aidan looks a little unsure about the whole thing. They are all three soooooo different, but they each add something special and unique to our family.

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